The sky is like a monochromatic contemporary painting drawing me in it’s illusion of depth, pulling me up! The world can only appear monochromatic to those who persists in interpreting what they experience through the lens of a single culture paradigm their own. For those with the eyes to see and the heart to feel, it remains a rich and complex topography of the spirit.

We’ve seen black, white and grey all appear in our top ten color related search terms over the years. A monochromatic color palette evokes a harmonious, peaceful feeling that both designer and consumer appear to gravitate towards whether it’s the serenity of a monochrome space or the minimalism of a monochromatic web design. Designers love this trend because it makes selecting colors easier than if they had to choose from a wide range of hues, taking a fresh approach to the timeless monochromatic palette by stepping away from bolder colors. As as hopeless lover of both color and minimalism, I was instantly enamored with monochromatic schemes.

“Color initially conveys meanings when it stands but it connotes feelings and values that vary from place, culture and time and are subject to personal feelings at the same time”

Take a look at some of the most engaging uses of the monochromatic color trend.

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